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The Right Ear Infection Medicine for Children

Ear infections drugs for children need to be adjusted according to the cause of the infection. In addition, sometimes it is also necessary to administer drugs to treat symptoms due to infection. Incorrect medication can cause a child's ear infection that is difficult to heal and cause complications. In general, the ear can be divided into three parts, namely the outer, middle and inner ear. These three parts of the ear can be infected by viruses, bacteria or fungi. In children, one type of ear infection that often occurs is otitis media which is an infection of the middle ear. Symptoms of ear infections that generally appear are pain and discharge from the ear or also called "congek". Medication to treat ear infections in children based on the cause Ear infections in children can occur in any part of the ear. If it occurs in the external ear, ear infection is called otitis externa, and if it occurs in the middle ear, it is called otitis media. Some conditions that c
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Normal Childbirth Is A Natural Process, So No Need To Be Afraid

Fear might be pregnant before the birth process. However, pregnant women do not need to worry because actually the process of giving birth normally is not as scary as imagined, really. Let's know and understand the process of giving birth normally so that pregnant women are ready to go through each stage. Normal childbirth or childbirth usually occurs when the gestational age has entered 37-42 weeks. However, this condition is difficult to predict, so no one knows for sure when labor will occur. Approaching the estimated day of birth, the body of pregnant women will prepare themselves to face the normal childbirth process. This begins with hormonal changes marked by a decrease in the hormone progesterone, while levels of other hormones such as oxytocin, estrogen, and prostaglandins increase. These hormones function to trigger contractions in the uterus and make the cervix softer and thinner so that the fetus can easily pass. Normal Childbirth Process Normal childbirth experi

Types of sleeping pills and their effects on health

Sleeping pills are a type of medication prescribed by doctors as a short-term treatment for sleep disorders. The use of sleeping pills is mandatory under the supervision of a doctor. If not consumed wisely, sleeping pills can bring dangerous side effects, ranging from memory problems, allergies, to dependence. Do you have sleep disorders? Do not rush to take sleeping pills to overcome them. Before you decide to use it, it's good to know what side effects can be caused by the use of sleeping pills. Types of Sleeping Medicine There are various types of sleeping pills with different benefits and risks of use. Some can make you sleep longer or help you to sleep more easily. Sleeping pills in the benzodiazepine group are referred to as tranquilizers of the central nervous system which play a role in slowing the work of the nervous system. While another group, non-benzodiazepines, have safer side effects. To be able to find the right medicine, before prescribing sleeping pills, yo