Types of sleeping pills and their effects on health

Sleeping pills are a type of medication prescribed by doctors as a short-term treatment for sleep disorders. The use of sleeping pills is mandatory under the supervision of a doctor. If not consumed wisely, sleeping pills can bring dangerous side effects, ranging from memory problems, allergies, to dependence. Do you have sleep disorders? Do not rush to take sleeping pills to overcome them. Before you decide to use it, it's good to know what side effects can be caused by the use of sleeping pills. Types of Sleeping Medicine There are various types of sleeping pills with different benefits and risks of use. Some can make you sleep longer or help you to sleep more easily. Sleeping pills in the benzodiazepine group are referred to as tranquilizers of the central nervous system which play a role in slowing the work of the nervous system. While another group, non-benzodiazepines, have safer side effects. To be able to find the right medicine, before prescribing sleeping pills, yo…
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